Young Choang Wong Yi Ling Pascale (Guelph University – Partial Scholarship)

It all started in 2014. I had just finished my A-level exams and I was certain that I wanted to go abroad for my tertiary studies. However, at that time I was still unsure where I wanted to go and what I wanted to study. And following the advice of some relatives, I decided to apply to universities by myself. But I can tell you, this is tough job, especially if there is no one to guide you through the process. So I eventually lost a year and went back to school. A few weeks after the end of A-level exams, I made my way to the OVEC office in Port Louis. Mrs Reena welcomed my friend and I and we were given free advice and counselling about several renowned universities. Then I started my application. Honestly, I never thought that it would be so easy.  I only had to submit the necessary documents to Mrs Reena and she took care of everything. You can even easily fast-track your own application. In February, I was very pleased to be told by Mrs Reena that I received a scholarship, which will help with my tuition fees. In short, I would recommend any students who wish to pursue their studies abroad to head straight to the OVEC offices after their exams. Or maybe to the OVEC fairs, which provide one to one counselling with the university representatives. Lastly, I’m utterly grateful and would like to give my thanks to Mrs Reena and the OVEC staff for their invaluable assistance and counselling.

Young Pascale.

September 2016