Jhoree Abhishek (Guelph University Canada – Partial Scholarship)

Ever since I was in high school, my goal was to pursue my tertiary studies abroad; not only to attend top universities but also to experience another way of life and different cultures. I chose OVEC to help me with my applications in Canada as OVEC not only represents top universities there but also accompanies you throughout the whole process. From your university application, to visa application, OVEC does it all which means peace of mind for all students applying through them. I will be studying at the university of Guelph. I with the university representatives at the OVEC fair which not only helped secure me a seat for my course but also enabled me to receive a scholarship (which came as a huge relief to my parents). Altogether I am more than satisfied with the services of OVEC and I would strongly recommend them to anyone wishing to get the best opportunities to study abroad.

From Abhishek Jhoree

Bachelor of computing, University of Guelph

September 2016