Peryagh Ghishay (Guelph University)


OVEC is a really helpful organization for all students who are trying to study abroad. The fairs that OVEC regularly organizes are very informative and helpful as representatives of Universities from all around the world are present to answer to all our questions, to give us advice as well as to help us choose a suitable course and university (which is not always an easy task to do alone). OVEC staff is very friendly and professional, assisting us at every step: choosing universities, sending applications, applying for student visa, study permit as well as visitor’s visa for parents,  sending all relevant documents to the relevant departments. OVEC also has a fast response (on the phone and online) which makes communication easy and making them reliable. OVEC has made things very easy for me and has enabled me to meet new friends. One important advantage is that OVEC does not charge Us for its services.

Ghishay Peryagh