Moheenee Ramkissoon

I, Moheenee Ramkissoon, had recently completed my secondary education and was more than eager to proceed with my tertiary studies except that this was easier said than done. With infinite sources existing around, one often finds it confusing and difficult to decide which one to turn to and to eventually trust with one’s future. I was in desperate need of a professional body that would not only provide me with the necessary guidance but also give me a glimpse of what I was about to get into and so I came to know about the Overseas Education Centre. OVEC did it all for me, from providing valuable insight to facilitating the application process and the so many other administrative procedures involved. Furthermore the organisation of fairs enabled us students to interact with representatives from different institutions thus soothing our doubts and making the transition to the tertiary world easier and more pleasant. Moreover with OVEC, one gets to enjoy numerous other benefits like discounted airfares, free travel insurance, free International Student Cards amongst others. With a friendly and an ever supportive staff coupled with the undeniable and remarkable commitment to the job, I would say that OVEC is undoubtedly the perfect mediator for us students. I therefore extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the OVEC team for helping me further my interests and career. I would most definitely recommend them to any student seeking overseas education.