Keshav Seeam (Monash)

After the HSC results were out, everything was so confusing when it came to my tertiary education. It was like a maze, so many openings but only one door to a better future. Making the right decision was tough and that was when I decided to seek the help of OVEC. After my visit to their office, I got all the assistance i needed  and they helped me choose the right university – Monash University. It was kind of hard to believe how easy it all became, they guided me through the entire process. I would be lying if i said they did not do EVERYTHING for me to get acceptance letter and residence approval. Personal attention, prompt response to all of my queries, bear with me when I am having difficulties- the staff did it all. I thought it could not get any better but mistaken i was. OVEC organized a dinner where i got to familiarize with other Monash students and I even got a voucher which allowed me to get a discount on the air fare. I just want to thank the you guys for guiding me though every step and help me achieve my goals. You surely have contributed for me to have a better future and I have no words to express my gratitude but thank you once again for making all this possible.

Keshav Seeam