Gunness Yuvna (University of New Brunswick)

I, Yuvna Shefali Devi Gunness, got to know about OVEC through social networking. I have to say that initially, planning for my tertiary studies seemed like a mountain to climb as it involved making a lot of important decisions. And since I was the first one in my family who was about to study abroad, I badly needed some counseling. Now, it was all about finding the right people to do that. This is when I decided to contact OVEC and I am happy to say that this was a decision that I will never regret. OVEC helped me in so many ways. To begin with, OVEC helped me choose the right university, one that had a great reputation and within my parents’ financial capabilities. Thanks to the OVEC fairs, I was able to meet in person the recruiting agent of my chosen university. OVEC also connected me with the other students that were attending the same university as me which was very helpful. But most importantly, OVEC took care of the most difficult and painstaking paperwork – which included my student visa and my university application documents. OVEC also provided me with documents that helped purchase my flight ticket at a discounted price. A big thank you to Ashna and Mrs. Dorish Chitson for their support and the effort they have put in to ensure I have a bright future ahead of me!

15 July 2016