Emily Dawn Ah Nim – Winner Global Excellence Scholarship – University of Western Australia

The educational fairs like the ones organized by OVEC attract a lot of students who are about to or have just completed their HSC. The fairs are a golden opportunity to have one to one conversations with several representatives of universities from around the world and have a glimpse on the courses available, accommodation facilities and above all on the costs of studying at the different universities.   

Choosing a university and a course was something that I was always dreading, due to the plethora of choices.  However, with the help of OVEC and especially Mrs. Dipeeka, taking such an important decision was not as stressful as I initially thought. They were always there to help with my queries, which allowed me to take informed decisions. I finally shortlisted two universities which I wanted to apply to, with The University of Western Australia (UWA) being my first choice. The application process was straightforward and easy with the assistance of OVEC. I was only required to fill in all the required forms, submit the proper documents and they took charge of the rest. After a few weeks, I received my offer letter from UWA along with the UWA Global Excellence Scholarship. Thereafter, Mrs. Dipeeka also provided guidance and assistance through the acceptance process.

Almost all students will face this defining moment of choosing a university and the course to study. OVEC provides the counselling and guidance that each student needs during that decisive moment and I would highly recommend them for their professionalism and the amazing service that they provide. I would also like to thank Mrs. Dorish Chitson and her team for the constant support.

Emily Dawn AH-NIM