Dr Shanon Chan (Macquarie – full scholarship, also on university prospectus)

Dear Mrs Chitson,

I’m writing to let you know that I changed my degree to a Bachelor of Chiropractic and that I am so happy to be graduating end of this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and OVEC profusely for having paved the way for a most rewarding and enriching international exposure and education, through the Macquarie University full scholarship. I am planning to pursue a Master in Chiropractic at the same institution to earn the Doctor of Chiropractic designation and practise as a Chiropractor.

By the way, I’m delighted that I just got selected to figure among the students representing Macquarie University on the cover page of the 2013 Undergraduate Guide for international students! This is fantastic that a Mauritian is appearing on the prospectus cover of a renowned international university and I’d be very happy for you to share the news with new Mauritian students.

Shanon Chan,

July 2013

Dr Shanon Chan (Chiropractor)