Mungur Takshita (NMIT Australia)

Choosing and applying for universities or institutes can be sometimes one of the most difficult and troublesome tasks. However with OVEC everything was easy. They are dedicated in helping students choose the right universities, in helping them submit their applications as well as apply for student visas. I came to know about OVEC when I was applying for Melbourne Polytechnic. I was doing everything by myself, that is choosing and applying for institutions when a staff member from the Melbourne Polytechnic asked me to seek OVEC’s help. I reached out to them as soon as possible and staff Dipeeka was there for me right from the start. Whenever I called her and bombarded her with questions, she always responded graciously and clearly. OVEC did everything they could for me and at last I received my offer from Melbourne Polytechnic. I will be forever thankful to OVEC for helping me take the first step in fulfilling my dreams of success. Without them this would not have been possible. I would definitely recommend any Mauritians who want to study abroad and need guidance to seek out OVEC.

“Choosing OVEC is the best way as they really guide you all the way through.”

Takshita Mungur

14 May 2015