Jenna Busawon (Tafeboxhill Institute)


I, Rheea being the eldest and first member of the family to pursue studies abroad, I had absolutely no idea how and which university to apply to etc. My journey with OVEC started here. A sweet lady from the office contacted me and arranged a meeting so we could discuss further. On my very first day I received a warm welcome from Mrs Dipeeka and also Ms Ashna. Mrs Dipeeka shared so much information about so many universities that all my doubts and questions vanished. This gave both my parents and I a lot of hope. Mrs Dipeeka was a god send. What I also appreciated about OVEC was that the staff was very professional and efficient. I had to bring all my certificates only once and Mrs Dipeeka did all the necessary procedures. She was always keen to help. I also like the personal attention that she gave to each and every student that needs help. I did not have to worry about anything as she completed every task promptly and was always dedicated to her work. She was also the one who applied for my visa and arranged for accommodation and also the airport transfer. I even referred my friend to OVEC. They are also very satisfied with the service provided to them. And am very sure that in a couple of years I will be at OVEC again to guide my siblings and many more friends. I will always be grateful to Mrs Dipeeka and the whole OVEC family. Along with Mrs Dipeeka I got to know Ms Ashna as well who is also very welcoming and speaks so politely. To end I would like to thank these two sweet lovely ladies and the OVEC staff as a whole for their support and never ending assistance. Keep up the great job ladies, hats off to you.