Jade Valerie Ng Chong Kwan (SP Jain School Of Global Management – Full Scholarship)


When I first went to OVEC, to be honest, I was lost: still unsure about which university to go to, courses I would follow, etc. But one thing I was certain about was that I needed a scholarship to pursue my tertiary studies abroad.
What OVEC actually does is that they take each student’s needs into account to deliver its best service. Thanks to OVEC, I came to know about SP Jain School Of Global Management offering a tri-city BBA Program, i.e 1st year in Singapore, 2nd in Dubai, 3rd and 4th in Sydney.
The cherry on the cake is that I have been awarded a 100% scholarship covering tuition fees.
This was a dream come true, a broadened horizon, a vast range of opportunities opening up to me.
I wish to express my deepest gratitude to OVEC staff, particularly Deepika who was always ready to help with any issues, insignificant as they may have seemed, throughout the application and post-application process. My thanks also go to Mr Franky Chitson for his advice and valuable support.

If I had to describe OVEC in two words, they would simply be ‘friendly’ and ‘efficient’.