Ishwaree Pal (Nanjing medical university – Partial scholarship)


Initially, I was pretty clueless on what to pursue as my future career – I was not too familiar then with the numerous fields of study that I could undertake. I was a tad bit stressed too as I had to decide on which courses and universities to apply to and I had not made any concrete decision yet. One of my friends suggested I contact OVEC, one of the experts in education consultancy across the country. I decided to visit them and on the very first meeting, the agents understood what I needed and provided me with information and brochures from different universities. They also briefed me on the numerous career prospects that I could consider. I eventually chose to apply to Nanjing Medical University through OVEC, and honestly speaking, applying to the university was completely hassle free for me. After receiving my offer letter from the university, I did not encounter too many difficulties in making payments etc. I received very clear instructions from OVEC about the steps to be taken and I followed them accordingly. OVEC also informed me on the various visa procedures that needed to be met correctly and provided me with all the relevant details. Thanks to OVEC who guided me every step of the way, I was even awarded a scholarship from the host country’s local government. Indeed, OVEC has been a really great help and the dedication, patience and efficiency with which the team operates clearly justifies their excellence in the field.

23 August 2015