Deeneshwar Nagadoo (Fanshawe College)


I learnt about OVEC through a family member, who was also being guided by OVEC for his UK applications. I I initially started doing my own research then decided to reach out to OVEC to get a better understanding of what my options were – I was interested in Construction Management Courses. As Canada was my first choice, OVEC suggested Fanshawe College – I was fascinated by this college and the way they welcomed International Students. I decided to pursue my application with Fanshawe College – OVEC was very helpful in sending along my School Certificates and Diploma to check whether I met the college’s admissions criteria. As it turns out, I was eligible – I applied and shortly after received my letter of admission for September 2015. Mrs Dipeeka answered all the questions my parents and I had with regards to the course, the cost of living in Canada, VISA procedures and accommodation. OVEC has really been a great guide. Mrs Dipeeka very clearly explained to me all the procedures, steps and deadlines which had to be met for my application. Most importantly, they helped me every step of the way with my VISA application which was very complicated and tedious. OVEC really made things easy and straightforward for me. I thank OVEC and Mrs Dipeeka for their great advice and providing such devoted assistance with my University applications. Thank you!

Deeneshwar Nagadoo

1 September 2015