Carine Chan Moi Fat, 2015 Laureate (Deakin University – Full Scholarship)


My name is Carine Chan Moi Fat and I am an additional laureate in the technical side (2015). However, the meagre amount of Rs300, 000 awarded each year by the government was simply not enough to pursue tertiary studies abroad. Thus, I wanted to look for more scholarships provided by universities. I became aware of OVEC through social media and regularly visited its fairs for more information about universities and the courses available.

Mrs Dorish Chitson, Director of OVEC, has been amazingly helpful since my first meeting with her and suggested me to apply to Deakin University (in Australia) which awards scholarships to successful candidates. Following her advice, I was soon shortlisted for interviews. I had to conduct an interview by phone and was then interviewed again by the Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Deakin University when she came to Mauritius. I was eventually awarded a 100% scholarship on my tuition fees for the full duration of my course. I am so happy and excited and am now very eager to start my studies there.

I am immensely grateful for the help of Mrs Chitson without whom I would not even have been aware that such an amazing scholarship was available. Mrs Dorish Chitson is very dynamic and encouraging. She has always tried her best to help me and provide me with the best options. Her dedication has really helped me to believe in myself and to perform my best in the interviews. I would also like to thank the OVEC staff who are always very efficient and helpful. I would definitely recommend OVEC to anyone wishing to pursue studies abroad.

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